Reconstruction of the property complex with addition of buildings and structures in the settlement of Yarmolyntsi, Khmelnytsk Region
19 Zaliznychna Str., the settlement of Yarmolyntsi, Yarmolyntsi District, Khmelnytsk Region


Types of work:
  • Site survey
  • Topographical survey
  • Installation design documents
  • Designer supervision
Project readiness:
Design year:
Direction of work
Technical and economic indicators
Type of construction reconstruction
Facility capacity 140 000 t/year
Site area 6,5451 m²
Footprint 11 488, 43 ha
Description of the project

The enterprise under reconstruction is a full-fledged complex for receiving, processing, storing and shipping grain crops. The complex was built in 2012 by its previous owners. During the construction, a number of mistakes was made, in particular, wrong type of foundations for dry grain silos was used, and the foreign equipment was not designed for wind and snow loads of that region. This led to destruction of the dry grain silos in winter of 2012. After the assessment of technical condition and serviceability of the structures carried out by POLTAVAGROPROEKT in 2015, based on the report, the owner decided to dismantle all core process structures and to build new structures instead, while the enterprise’s activities remained the same.

Project solutions

The project includes the following sections:

explanatory note, site layout, process solutions, architectural and construction solutions, heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage, electrical solutions, environmental impact assessment, construction planning design, and estimate documentation.

The construction will be carried in two phases. The design and estimate documents were developed for the following facilities of buildings and structures, namely:

  • Section for receiving grain from vehicles
  • Dry cleaned grain storage section
  • Wet grain storage section
  • Grain drying section
  • Working grain cleaning tower
  • Control room
  • Temporary waste storage section
  • Section for loading grain onto vehicles
  • Section for feeding grain onto railway transport
  • Oversilo conveyor racks
  • Conveyor racks
  • Silo underpass
  • Underground passage
  • Fire pumping station with a canopy for diesel generator storage
  • Fire tanks
  • Transformer substation
  • Rainwater treatment facilities
  • Rainwater aftertreatment facilities site
  • Emergency firefighting equipment site
  • Truck scales
  • Sample units
  • Canopy for locomotive