Technical re-equipment of the sunflower seed processing line at the facility of Ukrainian Black Sea Industry LLC
44 Transportna Str., Iliichivsk, Odesa Region


Types of work:
  • Site survey
  • Topographical survey
  • Initial design documents
  • Detailed design documents
  • Designer supervision
Project readiness:
Design year:
Direction of work
Technical and economic indicators
Type of construction technical re-equipment
Facility capacity 627000 t/year
Site area 4 406,2m2
Footprint 2562,8m2
Description of the project

The basis of the enterprise’s operation is processing of customer raw materials supplied by receiving stations (elevators), family-operated households and farms, trade, commercial and other organizations. Technical re-equipment is carried out in one phase. The sunflower seed processing line is located on three floors of the oil extraction production facility preparatory section building. The production capacity under design is determined by the performance of the sunflower seed processing line equipment in the preparatory section to be installed in it.

Project solutions

Project designs that provide for the reconstruction of the preparatory section are to be implemented while the production is running. Technical re-equipment of the oil extraction production facility preparatory section to increase the performance of the sunflower seed processing line to 1,900 tons per day provides for the following project designs:

  • separating the main Allocco processing line from the additional line
  • extension of the tumbler-winnowing bay with installation of additional equipment taking into account supporting structures and service platforms
  • arrangement of additional centralized waste collection
  • cake sorting by fractions
  • loading/unloading of granulated husks onto/from vehicles
  • expansion of the meal granulation section with installation of an additional meal granulator
  • cooling of the cake entering the extraction section through installation of a cake cooler