POLTAVAGROPROEKT provides a wide range of services for the integrated design of buildings and structures.

Rationally designed utilities allow you to avoid many problems, and increase efficiency, productivity and comfort in the course of operation of the premises.

POLTAVAGROPROEKT provides designing services for external, internal and underground utilities.

We carry out professional designing of various utilities: heating, water supply, sewerage and power systems.

When designing utilities, POLTAVAGROPROEKT develops the following types of networks

  • Heating systems and heat supply networks.
  • Ventilation and smoke removal systems.
  • Cold supply and air conditioning systems.
  • Purification and climate-controlled air preparation systems.
  • Systems and networks of water supply and drainage.
  • Systems and networks of power supply and lighting.
  • Gas supply networks.
  • Communication, automation and dispatching systems and networks, security systems.
  • Fire protection systems.

In general, designing of external utilities includes a complex set of the following works:

  • Laying of heating utilities,
  • Power networks,
  • Water supply and sewage pipes,
  • Drainage systems,
  • Gas pipelines,
  • Exterior lighting and communication networks. These works shall be carried out sequentially.

When performing these works, it is necessary to take into account soil characteristics and peculiarities of the building location and existing utilities, i.e. the sequence of utilities design should be based on interconnection of underground, outdoor and indoor networks.

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