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Urban planning documentation

The master plan is the basis of any urban planning documentation, as it is developed with the purpose of a long-term strategy for planning the development of the territory within the boundaries of a particular settlement.

Urban planning documentation is a system of documents necessary for making managerial decisions in the area of urban development of territories ensuring the execution of the relevant powers of local authorities.

The development of urban planning documentation includes the following stages:

  • Overall planning of settlements
  • Planning of landscaping and planting of greenery
  • Planning of the utilities for the settlements
  • Development of environmental protection measures

Overall planning of settlements

  • cities with the population up to 250 thousand inhabitants
  • rural settlements
  • residential, recreation, resort areas, and public city centers;
  • production areas: industrial, municipal and storage, etc.;
  • neighborhood units and blocks;

Planning of landscaping and planting of greenery

  • power facilities
  • cultural, utility, and administrative facilities
  • urban houses
  • special purpose facilities

Planning of the utilities for the settlements

  • water supply networks
  • domestic and storm sewage networks, industrial wastewater pretreatment networks
  • heating networks
  • gas supply networks
  • power networks
  • TV networks
  • communications, radio, and TV networks

Development of environmental protection measures

When rendering services for the development of urban planning documentation, our architects, design engineers, designers and production engineers make every effort to ensure that the future master plan harmoniously fits into the existing environment and is convenient for residents of the settlement as much as possible.

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