New construction of a housing estate in the village of Almaznyi
Village of Rozsoshentsi, Poltava District, Poltava Region
Types of work:
  • Site survey
  • Topographical survey
  • Initial design documents
  • Detailed design documents
  • Designer supervision
  • Assessment
Project readiness:
Design year:
Technical and economic indicators
Type of construction new construction
Total floor area 2556,92 m2
Usable floor area 2460,97 m2
Site area within public services and amenities 0,9893 ha
Description of the project

POLTAVAGROPROEKT has developed design estimate documentation and carried out engineering surveys for a housing estate in the village of Almaznyi, Poltava District, Poltava Region. The site includes a driveway, pathways, yards and skirtings made of asphalt concrete and paving slabs. The access way to the designed house is provided and water supply from the house and buildings is arranged.

Project solutions

The project provides for the construction of a 9-storey building consisting of 3 and 5 sections. The premises have a complex shape in the design. The building is a prefabricated monolithic frameless shell which is assembled by mounting individual prefabricated reinforced concrete structures. During operation, the structure is monolithic. The buildings have built-in non-residential premises and are equipped with elevators. The apartment floors are 3 meters high. The orientation of residential buildings and the layout concept ensure standard insolation of residential premises.