Construction of a soybean processing facility in Nastasiv village
Nastasiv village, Ternopil District of Ternopil Region
Types of work:
  • Site survey
  • Topographical survey
  • Initial design documents
  • Detailed design documents
  • Designer supervision
Project readiness:
Design year:
Direction of work
Technical and economic indicators
Type of construction new construction
Facility capacity 26 250 t/year
Site area within the reference boundaries, sq.m 15800,0 m2
Footprint 4675,30 m2
Description of the project

POLTAVAGROPROEKT developed the design specifications and estimates for the construction of a soybean processing facility in the territory of Nastasiv village council, Ternopil District, Ternopil Region, based on the initial data and design brief.

Project solutions

The following buildings and structures are designed as part of the farm:

raw material reception section, soybean processing shop including: switchboard room, control room, ventilation chambers, cake storage section, temporary oil storage section, soybean shell storage section, fire pumping station, fire tanks (2x150m3), raw material cleaning section, and raw material storage section.

The project includes the following sections:

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Construction planning design
  • Cost estimate documentation
  • Process solutions
  • Concrete structures
  • Steel structures
  • Architectural and construction solutions
  • Sanitary solutions
  • Power supply solutions