Reconstruction of the “Complex for receiving and shipping grain and oilseeds onto rail and road transport of NIBULON AE LLC”
17-A, Novo-Starobilska str., the city of Svatove, Luhansk Oblast
Types of work:
  • design documentation of the "P"
  • design documentation of the "P"
Project readiness:
Design year:
Direction of work
Technical and economic indicators
Type of construction reconstruction
Capacity of the facility 16,500 t/year
Design land area 0,2394 ha
Building area 1,229.90 m2
Description of the project

The project provides for the reconstruction of the complex for receiving and shipping grain and oilseeds onto rail and road transport of NIBULON AE LLC at: 17, Novo-Starobilska str., the city of Svatove, Luhansk Oblast. 

The reconstruction itself consists of the installation of 3 flat-bottomed grain storage silos d = 22 m with an overpass conveyor ramps and a silo-bottom gallery.

The enterprise under reconstruction is a full complex for receiving, processing, storing and shipping grain crops. The complex was built in 2012 by the previous owners. A number of mistakes were made during the construction, in particular the foundations for the dry grain silos were of the wrong type, and the imported equipment was not designed for the wind and snow loads of the region. This led to the destruction of the dry grain silos in the winter of 2012. Following the assessment of the technical condition and operational suitability of the structures performed by POLTAVAGROPROEKT in 2015, based on the report, the owner decided to dismantle all the process facilities and build new structures in their place without changing the purpose of the enterprise.

Project solutions

The following project disciplines have been completed:

Project Summary, General Plan, External Water Supply and Sewage Networks, Power Supply, Production Techniques, Dust Removal, Concrete Elements, Metal Elements, Lightning Protection, Electrical Solutions, Structural Timberwork.

The construction will be carried out in one stage.

Design and estimate documentation has been developed for the following buildings and structures, namely:

  • Dry cleaned grain storage tanks, 3 x 5.5 thousand tons
  • Elevator pit
  • Silo-top gallery
  • Elevator towers x 3
  • Overpass for conveyors
  • Filter-cyclone for aspiration waste
  • Overpasses for grain storage tanks
  • Working tower
  • Overhead connecting overpass
  • Sector for grain loading onto road transport
  • Administrative and laboratory building
  • Canopy for two lanes
  • One-story weighing building
  • Truck scales x 2
  • Checkpoint
  • Sector for grain intake from road transport
  • Dry cleaned grain storage sector
  • Wet grain storage sector
  • Grain drying sector
  • Working grain cleaning tower
  • Operator's room
  • Temporary waste storage sector
  • Sector for grain loading onto road transport
  • Sector for grain shipment onto railway transport
  • Silo-top overpasses for conveyors
  • Overpasses for conveyors
  • Silo-bottom gallery
  • Underground gallery
  • Fire extinguishing pumping station with a shed for diesel generator
  • Firefighting tanks
  • Transformer substation
  • Rainwater treatment facilities
  • Rainwater post-treatment facilities site
  • Primary fire extinguishing equipment site
  • Truck scales
  • Sampling devices
  • Canopy for a diesel locomotive