Engineering surveys is an integral part of the design activity providing a comprehensive study of natural and anthropogenic conditions in the territory of planned construction.

Geotechnical survey

Surveys at the POLTAVAGROPROEKT are carried out by highly qualified professionals.

Thanks to their experience and powerful production base equipped with drilling equipment and necessary field and laboratory equipment, it is possible to provide the customer with accurate and reliable research results.

Types of work depend on site specifics and may include

  • Collection and processing of previous years’ survey materials;
  • Traversing (reconnaissance survey);
  • Well drilling and sampling, aquifer depth surveys;
  • Laboratory examination of soils and groundwater;
  • Survey of soils under the foundations of existing buildings and structures;
  • Office study of materials;
  • Forecasting of changes in the geotechnical conditions;
  • Technical report drawing up.

The results obtained during a range of survey activities are documented in a technical report to enable the customer to determine the feasibility of construction on a specific land plot and select the optimal foundation type taking into account physical and mechanical properties of soils and the subsurface water level.

Surveys allow you to obtain the data needed to support the technical feasibility and economic viability of engineering and development in a particular area.

They inform about possible risks and changes in geological situation and environment related to construction and operation of the facility.

You can order engineering survey for construction at POLTAVAGROPROEKT both as integrated researches and as separate works.

We have extensive experience in developing design solutions in the following areas:

  • Pre-design;
  • Architectural and urban planning concept;
  • Architectural and process concept;
  • Architectural and construction solutions;
  • Design documentation;
  • Engineering documentation.

Topographical survey

A geodetic plan is a primary main document for rational design and is a result of topographical surveys in the territory of the planned facility.

Company specialists will perform topographic engineering at the site and will prepare the report within the shortest period of time. In particular, we provide services of topographic survey, develop planned vertical control survey network, carry out measuring, and make inventory of power lines and street buildings. You can also order site engineering and topographic surveying from us.

We perform

  • Topographic survey in 1: 500, 1: 1000, 1: 2000, 1: 5000 scales,
  • Development of geodetic control networks,
  • Development of planned vertical control survey networks,
  • Updating of topographic (engineering-topographic) plans,
  • Construction geodetic support:
    • Setting the projects out (location survey),
    • Geodetic control of building and structure parameters,
    • Monitoring of object deformations,
    • As-Built Survey.

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