New construction of a pig-breeding farm outside the settlements of Vasylivka village and Leventsivka village
Leventsivka village, Chutove District, Poltava Region


Types of work:
  • Site survey
  • Topographical survey
  • Initial design documents
  • Detailed design documents
  • Designer supervision
Project readiness:
Design year:
Direction of work
Technical and economic indicators
Type of construction new construction
Description of the project

The Company carried out engineering surveys at the site and developed design specifications and estimates. This project envisages a new construction of a pig-breeding farm with a complete production cycle in Chutove District, Poltava Region. The construction is carried out in two stages.

Project solutions

The following buildings and structures are designed as part of the farm:

  • Sanitary inspection station
  • Pig sty and laboratory (1 building)
  • Reproductive rearing stock growth unit (building 2 sector)
  • Reproduction stock unit (1 building)
  • Farrowing unit (1 building)
  • Growing unit (1 building)
  • Feeder unit (4 buildings)
  • Weighing room, 60 tons
  • Disinfectant barrier
  • Exterior firefighting system
  • Fire water tanks
  • Fencing
  • Platforms and roads
  • Utilities
  • Boiler house
  • Mull storage facility (ponds)
  • Shelters for equipment
  • Packaged transformer substation
  • Water well
  • Sewage treatment facilities