Thermal modernization and reconstruction of the Novi Sanzhary Orphanage heating system
town of Novi Sanzhary, Poltava Oblast
Types of work:
  • design documentation of the "P"
  • design documentation of the "R"
Project readiness:
Design year:
Technical and economic indicators
Type of construction reconstruction
Capacity of the facility 92 / 20 occupants / employees
Plot area 2,8838 ha
Building area 1,726.0 m2
Wall (heat insulation) area 2,096.8 m2
Attic area 1716,8 m2
Building volume 13,419.0 m3
Description of the project

The project provides for thermal modernization and reconstruction of the Novi Sanzhary Orphanage building heating system in the town of Novi Sanzhary, Novi Sanzhary Raion, Poltava Oblast.

Components of the projected works:

  • heat insulation of the attic floor;
  • reinstatement and heat insulation of the ventilation system within the attic space (horizontal ventilation trays, vertical ventilation shafts);
  • arrangement of a new metal roof cover, arrangement of an organized drainage system; 
  • external heat insulation of the foundations, arrangement of asphalt concrete pavement around the building. Within the part of the building that has technical cellar area, arrangement of external heat insulation of the foundations, external heat insulation of the basement above the ground
  • external heat insulation of the walls, external heat insulation of window and door frames
  • arrangement of a heating unit in the existing technical cellar area;
  • dismantling of the existing failing brick porches and arrangement of new ones without changing the overall dimensions, arrangement of a metal ramp for limited mobility people, arrangement of metal escape stairs from the 2nd floor;
  • repair of the external surfaces of the balcony reinforced concrete slabs, arrangement of marquees above entrances, porches and balconies, finishing and arrangement of balcony rails.
Project solutions

The following project disciplines have been completed:

Project Summary, General Plan, Architectural and Construction Solutions, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Heat Supply Mechanical Solutions, Electrical Solutions, Lightning Protection, Structural Timberwork, Construction Management Plan, Project Financing.

The construction will be carried out in one phase.

Design and estimate documentation has been developed for the following buildings and structures, namely:

The building of the Novi Sanzhary Orphanage.

  • Reconstruction of the roof and attic
  • Reconstruction of the heat network infeed unit
  • Heat insulation of the external surface and underground part of the walls
  • Heat insulation of ventilation shafts
  • Reconstruction of porches and canopies, paving
  • Reconstruction of balconies
  • External finishing